Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonder in the Waves

Something beautiful has recently entered our lives. We are now the proud owners of an originally piece of art by a local artist.

This painting was done in the 1960's by Kay Stewart. She is very prominent in Stillwater; she was formerly a professor at the University and the owner of HomeCall, a home health service. Ms. Stewart is currently working to establish the Oakcreek Cohousing Community.

Austin and I have always wanted to display original, local art in our home and while I absolutely love the pieces he has created for us, it is really nice to have another artist's contributions hanging on the wall. So thank you Ms. Stewart for sharing your enchanting perspective with us.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Epic Fail

Ok so I've completely failed. I've failed at this blog. I've failed at my Lenten resolution. I've failed myself. But that just means I need to try again. So prepare yourselves; I'm taking another shot at all this. Give me a couple of days to put myself back together and we will be back on track.