Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40 Days

Lent. The time of year when we "good and righteous Christians" give something up in the name of Jesus and so on. I personally haven't participated in recent years because it just doesn't seem right when the purpose feels empty.

This is not a time to give up chocolate so you can bitch about how much you want to eat chocolate.
This is not a time to compete with others by giving up something really difficult.

This is a time to comtemplate how big 40 days really is and how much can be accomplished in that time.
This is a time to realize how much you can grow as a person when you commit to resisting tempation.
This is a humble time.

I am currently in the process of getting life sorted back out. With one whirlwind after another, I've let things slip into an unattractive mess (including myself). Steps I'm already making: 1) Cooking meals instead of all this yucky eating out 2) Following Weight Watchers guidelines (on my own, not with meetings and all) 3) Making regular trips to the YMCA 4) Organizing my work space at the office. Now I would like to take advantage of the tradition of Lent, not to give something up, but to add something to my daily life. For the next 40-ish days (go ahead, count up the days til Easter and see how many you come up with) I will be writing one thank-you card a day.

I will not let the tempation of stress, procrastination and self-pity bog me down.
I will recognize the blessings in my life and express my gratitude.

This does not feel empty.
This is what I am called to do.
This will be my way of coming back into myself.

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